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How does a real estate business stand out online from the competition online? In a competitive industry like real estate, a strong digital presence is a must. There are all sorts of steps you can take to increase your online discoverability. With this, continue reading and discover a few strategies for boosting your digital presence. 

Optimize your website

Your website speaks volumes about your business. People will make assumptions about you when they stumble on your website online. Your website should be a place where a prospective buyer can learn about you as an agent. It is astonishing how many real estate agents do not even have a website in 2019. If you haven’t already, now is the time to optimize your website by using SEO best practices. It is imperative that it loads quickly and that it is mobile-friendly. 

Be active on social media 

A strong social media presence will help you grow your real estate business. Social channels are excellent platforms for promoting your content. Be sure that you are posting visual elements such as pictures and videos to catch people’s attention when they are scrolling through their newsfeeds. In addition to posting content online, social media will allow you to connect with prospective clients and spread awareness about your business.

Use email marketing

Email marketing continues to be an excellent way to create brand awareness online. A strong email marketing campaign will help you gain new clients. It is beneficial to segment your subscriber lists, so you are sending the right information to the right people.

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Video marketing continues to grow in popularity in the real estate industry. This is because consumers love watching videos, and this trend does not appear to be losing any steam. Video marketing is an excellent way to direct traffic to your website. If your real estate business wants to take advantage of video marketing, here are a few examples of topic ideas that you can use to grow your business.

Highlight an area 

People appreciate video tours. In many cases, homebuyers want to see a particular area; however, they do not always have the time to go see it in person. This is where video tours come in real handy. If you want to encourage homebuyers to check out a particular area, neighborhood videos are a great option. They are also helpful because they will drive organic traffic to your website because homebuyers are prone to search for specific locations in search engines. It is also worth mentioning that neighborhood tours do not require narration from you. A compilation of high-quality visuals will go a long way when crafting a neighborhood tour. 

Business profiles 

There is no reason why you can’t collaborate with others within the real estate industry. With this, consider doing video collaborations with other real estate leaders in your areas. Doing so will help you get in front of a broader audience and probably provide you more incite on an area as well. 

Market updates

Real estate markets are always changing from year to year. Both homebuyers and sellers are curious about current market conditions because it directly affects them. If you are ever in need of video content, consider creating a brief video in which you update your audiences on the current real estate market in an area.

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Millennials are now a dominant force in the real estate industry. According to the National Association of Realtors, Millennials overall represent the largest generation of buyers. It is important to note that there are striking differences between Millenials and older generations. If you are selling your home, here are a few tips on how to appeal to millennial homebuyers, so your home flies off the market.

Upgrade hardware

You may be surprised that a few small upgrades like hardware can change the complexity of a home. If your home features old hardware, you want to swap them out for new fixtures. These minor expenses can pay major dividends when you put your home on the market. The majority of Millenials do not want to buy homes that look and feel outdated. Take a trip to your local hardware store and invest in new hardware if yours is old. 

Kid-friendly living spaces

Many millennial homebuyers are searching for homes that feature kid-friendly living spaces. They are searching for homes that have convenient areas for children. For example, you can market a room as being a great play for a nursery. 

Highlight the outdoor space

Millennials are searching for homes that feature outdoor space. Millennials love to entertain, and they want to be able to take their guests outside when they have parties and other social gatherings. With this, if you're going to appeal to this age demographic, be sure to make the most out of the outdoor living space. Outdoor furniture like tables and chairs can make the outdoor living space a more hospital feel.

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If you have never sold a property before, home staging can be a daunting undertaking. Before you list a home on the market, you want to ensure the home is staged to appeal to the highest number of people. However, this is easier said than done. Home staging is a process that requires a great deal of planning. Home staging will make your home appear more favorable in pictures drawing more people through your doors for showings. Continue reading and discover a few commonly-made home staging mistakes sellers often make. 

Making rooms too empty

Many people are of the belief that less is more when it comes to home staging. While you do not want to crowd the room, you also do not want there to be too much empty space. This can take away from the character of a room and make the home seem empty. 

Having too much furniture

While you certainly do not want to have too much empty space, you also do not want to go overboard with the amount of furniture. A room with tons of furniture will appear smaller because there is less open space. It is important to have the necessary furniture in living rooms and bedrooms; however, you do not want an excess of furniture because it can clutter the home. 

Not having a plan

It is difficult to stage a home without having a plan of attack. You want to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve in each room, so everything comes to harmoniously. Many sellers do not have a strategy for staging their home and make major decisions on the fly. This can result in inconsistencies throughout the home and make it seem unbalanced.

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Social media plays an integral role in the real estate industry in 2019. Real estate professionals are reliant on social media to promote property listings and the various services they offer. A strong social media presence can help grow your real estate company brand. Keep reading and discover a few tips on how you can take advantage of social media to strengthen your brand.

Host contests

People love participating in contests over the internet. If you want to generate excitement via social media, consider hosting a few contests over your social media channels. For example, run a contest where your followers have a chance to win a gift card if they like your page and leave a comment. You may also want to think about doing regular giveaways, so people check back into your social media pages routinely. By doing so, not only are you helping to grow your social following, you are creating more opportunities to build your brand. 

Demonstrate your commitment to the community

What kind of involvement do you have within the local communities? One of the best ways to grow your brand via social media is to show your ties to the community. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as sponsoring a local charity, organizing fun events, or participating in fundraisers. Buyers and sellers want to see that you are a committed professional before they hire you to represent them.

Showcase properties with live streaming

Did you know social media channels like Facebook and Instagram have live-streaming capabilities? This makes these social media platforms incredibly useful tools for showcasing property listings. Many agents today create virtual open houses on their homes to generate more interest from potential buyers. 

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Are you planning on selling your home? One of the best steps a seller can take is to stage their home before they place it on the market. Home staging is worth the time and financial investment for a variety of reasons. Keep reading and discover a few benefits of why you should stage your home. 

More appealing in pictures

Homebuyers are reliant on the internet to aid them in their home search. In fact, this is where the vast majority of buyers begin their search. Homes for sale can be easily accessed via search engines. The typical homebuyer will search and compare several homes before scheduling any appointments. If your goal is to make your home stand out from others on the market, home staging should make your home appear more attractive in pictures. As a result, your home will stand out from others on the market, and people want to see your home in-person.

Buyers can see the homes potential 

Some people struggle to see themselves living in an empty home. The right home staging can create a warm, homey feeling that buyers are searching for. If you can connect with buyers on an emotional level, you are more likely to receive offers on your home. The right combination of furniture, colors, artwork, etc., will fill up a room and showcase its potential.

Can make the home appear larger

Did you know that home staging can make rooms look bigger? There is a misconception that an empty room appears bigger if it is empty. You want potential buyers to think that they are getting their money’s worth if they were to buy your home. Rooms that appear small are going to be less favorable to the majority of homebuyers. 

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