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Social media plays an integral role in the real estate industry in 2019. Real estate professionals are reliant on social media to promote property listings and the various services they offer. A strong social media presence can help grow your real estate company brand. Keep reading and discover a few tips on how you can take advantage of social media to strengthen your brand.

Host contests

People love participating in contests over the internet. If you want to generate excitement via social media, consider hosting a few contests over your social media channels. For example, run a contest where your followers have a chance to win a gift card if they like your page and leave a comment. You may also want to think about doing regular giveaways, so people check back into your social media pages routinely. By doing so, not only are you helping to grow your social following, you are creating more opportunities to build your brand. 

Demonstrate your commitment to the community

What kind of involvement do you have within the local communities? One of the best ways to grow your brand via social media is to show your ties to the community. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as sponsoring a local charity, organizing fun events, or participating in fundraisers. Buyers and sellers want to see that you are a committed professional before they hire you to represent them.

Showcase properties with live streaming

Did you know social media channels like Facebook and Instagram have live-streaming capabilities? This makes these social media platforms incredibly useful tools for showcasing property listings. Many agents today create virtual open houses on their homes to generate more interest from potential buyers. 

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Are you planning on selling your home? One of the best steps a seller can take is to stage their home before they place it on the market. Home staging is worth the time and financial investment for a variety of reasons. Keep reading and discover a few benefits of why you should stage your home. 

More appealing in pictures

Homebuyers are reliant on the internet to aid them in their home search. In fact, this is where the vast majority of buyers begin their search. Homes for sale can be easily accessed via search engines. The typical homebuyer will search and compare several homes before scheduling any appointments. If your goal is to make your home stand out from others on the market, home staging should make your home appear more attractive in pictures. As a result, your home will stand out from others on the market, and people want to see your home in-person.

Buyers can see the homes potential 

Some people struggle to see themselves living in an empty home. The right home staging can create a warm, homey feeling that buyers are searching for. If you can connect with buyers on an emotional level, you are more likely to receive offers on your home. The right combination of furniture, colors, artwork, etc., will fill up a room and showcase its potential.

Can make the home appear larger

Did you know that home staging can make rooms look bigger? There is a misconception that an empty room appears bigger if it is empty. You want potential buyers to think that they are getting their money’s worth if they were to buy your home. Rooms that appear small are going to be less favorable to the majority of homebuyers. 

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There are a variety of social platforms that are commonly used by real estate agents today. Some of the most notable being Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In a competitive industry, these networking channels are incredibly important because they can help drive traffic back to your website. One lead generation tool that is frequently overlooked by real estate agents is LinkedIn. Continue reading and discover a few reasons why LinkedIn needs to be part of every real estate agent’s marketing strategy in 2019.

Establishes your credibility

A strong LinkedIn presence will help build both your brand and credibility. It is an excellent platform for you to share your background, your skills, and details about your company. It is important to remember that buyers and sellers want reassurance before they hire you as an agent. If you are looking for a place to share your real estate narrative, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms available for establishing professional credibility. 

Networking with potential clients

Many people are under the misconception that LinkedIn is only for job hunters or businesses looking to hire. This is certainly not the case. LinkedIn is excellent for networking in real estate, as it can be used as an effective tool to connect an agent with leads. The more people you can connect with, the more business you are likely to do as a result.

Sharing updates

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn allows users to post a variety of relevant content. Real estate agents can use LinkedIn to share blog posts, photos, videos, news articles, etc. Virtually anything you think your audiences would be interested in can be shared on your LinkedIn page. Many agents use their LinkedIn page to share their home listings to reach more people.

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Many real estate professionals struggle to build their social media presence in 2019. Social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are excellent platforms for selling one's services through a digital setting. However, many business professionals are unsure of how to gain more of a following on their social media pages and to increase engagement. Consider the following three tips for increasing the social media engagement of your real estate business. 

Share other's content 

Social media makes it easy to reshare other people's content to your page. As someone who works in real estate, this is beneficial because it provides your followers valuable information from credible sources. Also, by doing so, they will be encouraged to follow you if you do not already. Try to share a variety of content, from a variety of sources to keep things interesting for your audiences.

Interact with customers

Real estate professionals should think of social media as collaborative environments where they can converse back and forth with interested buyers and sellers. Don't be hesitant to ask questions or engage in discussions in the comments sections of your blog posts. By doing so, you are not increasing engagement, but you are helping yourself valuable customer feedback. Another route you can take is to post surveys and polls on your social media pages. People love to provide their feedback if they feel strongly about a subject.

Use visuals in your social posts

If you want to make your social media posts more appealing to potential clients, you should always include visuals. Photos, videos, GIFS, will encourage people to click on your content. You should try to reframe from relying on the only text in a post because it may not catch your intended audience's attention.

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Blogging is one of the most underutilized internet tools by real estate professionals. It is a great platform to write and share quality content online. One of the main reasons why professionals struggle with blogging consistently is because they are unsure of which topics to cover. They either run out of ideas or are unsure of what buyers are searching for these days. If you are ever in need of topics for your blog page, consider choosing a question that you receive regularly. Read on and discover a few reasons why real estate professionals should use their website’s blog to answer homebuyer frequently asked questions. 

Drives organic traffic

Many real estate professionals are unaware that blogging is an excellent way to drive free, organic traffic to your website. A blog page that contains several articles that are optimized with SEO best practices in mind will increase the organic search ranking of your website. For example, the right keywords will improve your organic rankings because they are words people you want to target are searching for at the current time.

Valuable resource

Some people are shy by nature and would prefer to find answers to their questions by doing an online search than asking over the phone or in-person. A blog page that covers FAQs by homebuyers will appeal to many individuals who want their questions answered without having to consult an expert on their own.

Establishes credibility

Do you want to put your knowledge and expertise on display? A blog page is one of the best platforms to showcase your expertise on display over the internet. By covering FAQs on your blog page, you can demonstrate to potential customers that you know what you are talking about, and people will be more inclined to trust you as their agent.

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Do you want to drive more traffic to your real estate website? It is important to remember that excellent content will help improve organic search results in any industry. One of the best platforms that you can use to share content with your intended audiences is an informative blog page. Many real estate professionals do not take advantage of a blog in 2019. A major reason why this is because they are unsure of which topics to cover. If you are looking for inspiration for your blog page, consider the following topic ideas. 

Answer FAQ

Most homebuyers have questions for their realtor in regards to steps in the home buying process, foreclosures, investment opportunities, terminology, etc. You will be hard-pressed to run out of questions to address on your blog page. 

Make consumer checklists

If you want to provide value to people through your blog, consider creating checklists. Not only are they easy reads, but people will return to it, later on, to mark mentally check items off. If you do not have time to write a long blog post, you can instead create a checklist that consists of multiple bullet points. Some examples include moving checklists, home selling checklists, and home staging checklists.

Write about the local area

Another great way to increase traffic to your website is to upload content about local neighborhoods. People will click on blog posts if they pertain to them. By including the names of the location, you are adding keywords that will drive up your search results. You could cover a variety of topics such as upcoming events, popular attractions, etc.

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